alex elle.

The Sun and The Moon

A girl met a boy who will never love her how she loves he


her heart cries rivers for his misguided certainty.

They share the sky and a blanket of stars but father time is a barrier; all she wants is one day for him to say that he’ll share with her.

The tears she weeps floods the flesh of who walk above the surface, “I shine for him, I’m bright for him and still I don’t deserve it?”

Their space has gone from blue to black and she wants everyone to know that she’s drowning in an ocean of broken dreams, alone, with no float.

She often asks what he sees when he turns to look her way; he always says “You show me love but still I cannot stay.”

-The Sun and The Moon, Alex Elle

Daddy Issues

I want to be able to love freely; with no attachments…

but I always seem to get stuck to them like glue. 

Detaching is like ripping an old band aid from sensitive skin.

I blame my father. 

-Alex Elle

Peace Offering

We compete just to conquer and ruin our neighbor.

How will we ever know love when we toss knives of envy into the backs of our sisters?

I come in peace, please, put down your weapons of mass destruction. 

My intent is not to take what you have; I am not a thief of God’s blessings.

I will not flee with what He has given you.  

Yes, “what’s mine is mine” but I am willing to share.

-Alex Elle

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