a l e x / / e l l e

C A R E // F R E E

I stopped caring when lips that weren’t mine 

were upon your flesh that was supposed to 

be sacred to me.

I still can’t comprehend why she and not

me but I suppose that’s life.

You know no better.

You knew no better, or so you say. 

I don’t know you, probably never did 

and now I rather not but that’s neither here 

nor there.

I’ve tried to play fair and forgive, you know, like

I was taught to…

but all I can really do is envision your fingers

in her hair as she’s having fun down there, but I digress.  

The same love that made me believe in 

love again, has done it again.

Tricked me into seeing that I 

am the only, the one, who really isn’t,

wasn’t or gonna’ be.

If I wanted this, I coud’ve kept kickin’ it with 

my old things, my old flings…

My bad dreams of you came true, you know?

Funny how energies intertwine and 

connect in the real world, isn’t it?

I stopped caring  because my 

heart just cannot take it.

She cannot take another stab wound or bullet hole,

ache or pain—she is only as resilient as her

carrier and you are no longer her courier.

For once, I just just knew I had something worth

it but man falls weak to the flesh of secrets

that they pray to keep.

So I stopped caring.

I stopped crying.

And I stopped hoping

that the truth could be found in you.

-Alex Elle 


…My eulogy
Will be a smear campaign
My funeral
Will be a trial
And I will be found
Of this unshakeable

-Rasheed Copeland.


…what is it
about my body
that sends you
leaping in suspicion
searching me
harder than
you’ve ever
searched history…

-Rasheed Copeland

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